Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I spoke the other day of our hot apple snack at bed-time in the winter
mama always felt hot food would help us to stay warm
during long cold winter nights
so I can only tell you how she did them
the apples were kept on top of the cellar steps
she always picked out 4
rinsed them in water and then polished them with a towel
we always polished apples before we ate them
she cut them in half--
scoped out the core with a teaspoon
put brown sugar in the holes
and topped the brown sugar with butter
always butter- we never used margarine for anything
she used a cake pan- one of her two-
I think it was called a 8 by 8 inch square cake pan
she put a shot of hot water in the base of the pan
popped the apples in the pan
and sprinkled them with cinnamon
and put tthe pan in the oven
on top of 4 bricks-the kitchen stove was wood
so the oven was always warm to hot
and the bricks were in there heating up to place in our beds
always at the foot of the bed after they were
- covered with a clean gunny sack
I do not know how long the apples baked
or what the temperature would have been
mother just stuck her hand in the oven
to gage the temperature-
after our apples were done
she knew how to eye them and
knew when they were ready
she set them on our kitchen table for 5 minutes
then put into our breakfast bowls and poured
real cream over them- the real cream was what came
from our milking cows-
we ate every bite including the skins-
while they were baking a syrup of the juice mixed
with the butter and sugar would form
and she always shared the syrup equally
I have often tried to bake
my apples
like mama's
but they just do not turn out the same
I think that the wood and mama are missing
- she just made them this way for ever
- and that is her story and mine
huggs from Meme

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  1. There is just something about what Mama makes that can't be dupilcated. This was lovely!