Thursday, February 26, 2009

missing meme

  • I have been missing out here
  • writing some of the things
  • we did in the old days and
  • not even that far in time ago--LOL
  • I like remembering == how it was,,,,,
  • but I also remember how hard it was
  • and I feel we are indeed blessed
  • to be where we are today
  • ----------
  • I miss mama and I am glad that she
  • did get a new house with running water
  • and electricity and all the things
  • that I now take for granted
  • and all in doors- (smile)
  • she did not get the house until later
  • in her life but she so enjoyed
  • it and yes, she missed some of the old ways
  • but was thankful for her new ways
  • some times the old days sound romantic
  • but there is nothing romantic about
  • sitting up all night beside the heater
  • to keep the home fires going
  • and making sure that there is no
  • chimney fire and your nest and
  • family are safe......
  • mama did this often in the winter
  • and then had to sleep during the day
  • ------but mama was a homesteader-
  • and that was just one of the ways
  • of the way it was....
  • thank God that we now have furnaces
  • that keep us warm and we can sleep
  • at night,,,
  • warm hugs from Meme


  1. I love your blog - thank you for visiting mine! I'm adding you to my blogroll - love the good memories you are sharing! :)

  2. I so enjoy your blog. Memories are wonderful!